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European Silver ICA, 2021-2022

Great Taste - Double Gold - 2023



Chuncho cacao contains the most varieties of all cacao:  114 sub-species in the Upper Amazon.  The origin of the species.  


While Mexico and Central America can be considered the cultural centre for fine cacao, and Venezuela was a World-leading producer for 400 years, the Upper Amazon can claim the origin of cacao.   


So, there is great variety in Chuncho cacao. We sampled as many transparent Chunchos as we could find, a process taking several years.  We settled on a variety grown around Cusco due to the intricate character, the lightness and brightness of the body, the length and breadth of the profile, last but not least the wonderful people protecting and preserving it for us at origin.




70% Chuncho - Cusco, Peru

  • Organic Cusco Chuncho cacao beans, unrefined organic cane sugar.

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