Bronze winner of the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018 (Category flavoured dark chocolate bar)


Gianduja (Gianduia) is the chocolate is smoothly ground together with roasted hazelnuts. This gives a melt-in-the-mouth hazelnut and chocolate experience. 


Piedmont hazelnuts (the best we've ever tasted) stone ground together with our Peruvian Gran Palo Blanco cocoa beans. The combination of these 2 crucial ingredients, together with unrefined cane sugar is all you need for a supersmooth melt in the mouth and award winning gianduia chocolate bar


 Technically a dark chocolate, because of the addition of a lot of hazelnuts it eats more like a milk chocolate and has been a favourite for people who like milk and dark milk chocolate. 

Gianduja 49% Dark Chocolate

  • Organic Gran Palo blanco cacao beans, organic Piedmont Hazelnuts, unrefined organic cane sugar, organic undeodorised cacao butter.