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9 whole pods fresh from the farm.  Delievered in a screwtop testtube for ultimate ease.


Perfect for baking with and lifting all culinary creations... but for a quick and simple application, drop the pods into a bottle of good rum and let them steep for a few weeks!

You're welcome. 


This type of vanilla is not easy to find, but delicious.  Indonesia's terroir is suitable for producing perfect vanilla and has growing worldwide appreciation for the excellent beans grown there.   14-16cm average.  28-30% moisture.


Indonesian vanilla pods tend to be creamy, smooth, smokey, with a rich brown spectrum and gentle woody texture.  They are pleasantly floral and a little fruity, sweeter and more complex than other kinds with a prominent taste and aroma.


This harvest has a clear profile of cherry, with undertones of lavender and star anise.  



Indonesian Tahitensis enjoys a little altiutude between 500-800m and consistent warmth of 21-24c. Rainfall and humidity levels are ideal at around 2500mm per year and 80% at least. Sunlight also plays a pivotal role in producing the beans; average intensity is between 40-50%.


The vanilla here takes about 8-9 months to mature, fully ripen and get harvested.  

Once harvested, vanilla stops ripening. 


After harvest, the pods are taken to curing houses for further cleaning and processing. The fresh beans are sundried; spread on blankets and laid on wooden racks.  The local curing techniques have worked wonders this year with remarkably clear cherry notes on the nose.


Stores for years if kept dark and dry.

Shipped in a flat-bottomed, screw-top tube for easy storage, easy access and great long term protection.

Indonesian Tahitensis Vanilla

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