A wintry bundle of 4 warmly aromatic bars - all awarded - from 4 unique origins.


These bars have been our biggest sellers this season and we offer them here in a special bundle to help you celebrate the winter and the end of the year.




Rum n Raisin - 63% dark milk with the fruity Gran Nativo cacao this bar offers a warm boozy embrace that starts smooth and rummy, and ends smooth and rummy!  Studded with rum-soaked corinthian raisins... its a very festive bar.


Candied Orange and Cardamom 71% dark with the fruity and spicy Kaithapara Vanam cacao.  Juicy cubes of candied orange is one of those classic festive ingredients we have reimagined for our chocolate.  It plays very well with the deeply rich cacao and the cardamom (stoneground through every bar)  brings lightness and brightness and balances the bar in to a moorish delight,


Ontbjitkoek - Dutch Ginger Breakfast Cake - 70% Philippines.  The nutty nature of our Filipino cacao works very well in several recipes, but here we combine with crumbs of gingery and aromatic Dutch breakfast cake.  The crumbs stay crunchy and impart their flavour, allowing these delicious notes to infuse every bar.  Great fun and a unique experience, but does contain Gluten.


Dark Beer, Malt and Plum - Gran Palo Blanco - 72% dark.   The natural notes of our Gran Palo shine through for Christmas!  Beer and plums, malt and dried fruit, the longer the melt lasts the more fruit appears on the palate. Now... bring us some figgy pudding! 


Taste Of Winter - 2020 Bundle

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